Poster of The Girl, The Grouch and The Goat

The Girl, The Grouch, and The Goat

Chance Theatre   West Coast Premiere
April 17 – May 24

Book by Jack Helbig
Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollmann

A farcical and musical romp through ancient Greece from Mark Hollmann, the co-creator of Urinetown. Journey with the Chance into a parched village on the outskirts of Athens, that has been in a drought for decades. The only working well in town is controlled by a nasty old grouch named Clemnon, who delights in price-gouging his neighbors. His obsession with maintaining his water monopoly is only matched by his determination to keep his daughter away from all the men in town! However, what will happen when she falls in love with the son of Clemnon's sworm nemesis, a wealthy and strong-willed widow? Will the gods create mischief? Will it finally rain? Will someone catch one of those wild goats?!?