Poster of Plymouth musical

Plymouth 2.0

Marquez Charter School Auditorium
May 20, 7:00pm

***Special additonal performance at the new
Broad Stage in Santa Monica
Sunday June 14th at 4PM***

BOOK and LYRICS: Jeff Lantos
MUSIC: Bill Augustine

William Bradford and his pious followers are mortified when a nice Pilgrim girl falls for a bad boy from the raucous Merry Mount Colony. It's the Religious Right meets Woodstock Nation in Massachusetts Bay.

Plymouth 2.0 is an absolutely delightful original musical performed by 60 members of the Marquez Elementary School 5th grade history class. This remarkable example of musical theater being used to enhance learning is a prime education/outreach project of the festival.

Marquez Charter School
16821 Marquez Ave
Pacific Palisades