Water & Power poster

Water And Power

Marquez Charter School Auditorium
June 9th & 11th – 10am & 7:30pm

Water &Power an industrial strength musical.

BOOK and LYRICS: Jeff Lantos
MUSIC: Bill Augustine
Lowell, Massachusettes, 1835 At the outset of the American Industrial Revolution, the mill girls of Lowell worked 13 hours a day for $2 a week. This is the story of their fight for better wages and the 10 hour work day.

Water & Power is an absolutely delightful original musical performed by 60 members of the Marquez Elementary School 5th grade history class. This remarkable example of musical theater being used to enhance learning is a prime education/outreach project of the festival.

Marquez Charter School 16821 Marquez Avenue
Pacific Palisades