It's Top Secret

June 12th—July 11th
NoHo Arts Center

Book, music & lyrics by Steven A. Muro & Dan W. Davis
Directed by Robert Petrarca

Relive the zany hilarity of the legendary Marx Brothers in this uproarious musical comedy! The year is 1942. The world is at war and treachery is afoot at the Avendale estate after a murder is committed and Dr. Avendale's TOP SECRET formula is about to fall into the hands of two German spies. Enter the "Marx Brothers" ? to save the day, solve the crime, and riotously derail the storyline! Fast-paced and heartwarming, the show feels like a Marx Brothers movie on stage- complete with all the classic bits, irreverent humor, and a delightful new musical score you'll be humming in no time. Treat yourself to an evening of laughter, and send your heart back to the wildly entertaining world of America's greatest comedians.