May 17 & 18 @ 8pm
NoHo Arts Center

Book and Lyrics by Mark Waldrop
Music by Brad Ross
Based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Directed by Calvin Remsberg

In this fractured folk-tale based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Mazel and Shlimazel, the spirits of Good Luck and Bad Luck, make a bet to determine who is the more powerful. The terms: Mazel will take a hapless young man named Tam under her wing for one year, at the end of which Shlimazel will attempt to undo everything she has done in one second. And that's the point when Tam and the beautiful princess with whom he's fallen in love must rely on their own ingenuity to save the kingdom and keep Tam's neck out of the hangman's noose. Along the way, matters are complicated by a crafty prime minister, a superstitious nurse, and a lion on the loose!