Priscilla's Perfect Day

June 12th – July 17th
Saturday Mornings at 11:00
The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre

Book by Diana Martin
Songs by Richard Levinson
Directed by Jeremy Aldridge

It looks like rain might ruin eleven-year-old (and budding artist) Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle's idyllic notion of a relaxing vacation in Maine. Plus, her "bratty" little brother Billy and his pesky, pancake-lovin' dog Roscoe are making their first day at the quaint old cottage anything but perfect. When she finds some very strange crayons that send them all to a magical sunny beach, things start looking up…at least until they meet one very big and very hungry lobster. But thanks to Billy's quick thinking, it could still end up being
Priscilla's Perfect Day!