Two Staged Readings with Live Music
Sunday June 20th @ 3PM and Monday June 21st @7:30 PM
El Portal Forum Theatre

Book and Lyrics by Madeline Sunshine
Music by Robert Tepper
Directed by Tony Nominee Joel Zwick

A new musical based on the classic romance, "Cyrano De Bergerac," Serrano opens at Little Italy's San Gennaro Festival where two mob families fight for power and territory. Serrano, self-taught, well-read, a lover of the arts and (secretly) the fair Rosanna, is the enforcer for the Reyo Crime family. Don Reyo depends on Serrano and treats him like a son, especially since his real son, Nicky, "came out" and became proprietor and lead singer/dancer at "Queens on Mulberry." Don Reyo orders Serrano to make a gentleman out of the Don's nephew ? Vinnie Pepperini ? a handsome but foul-mouthed lothario who'd have sex with anything that moves. The goal is to have Vinnie seduce a beautiful and educated young woman, thereby compromising her father, a judge who sits on a case involving "the family." As the winds of war stir around them, Serrano accepts the challenge only to discover that the beautiful young woman Vinnie has to seduce is Rosanna, Serrano's secret love.

Starring Broadway's James Barbour, Brandi Burkhardt, Jay Brian Winnick and Hershel Sperber; Olivier Award Winner Lesli Margherita; star of Reefer Madness:The Musical, Christian Campbell; Brian Beacock, Maria Cena, Phillip Rodriguez and more… Casting Director: Three-Time Artios Award Winner, Michael Donovan