Trails A New Musical

July 22nd – August 1st
Actors Co-op Crossley Theaters

Book by Christy Hall, Lyrics by Jordan Mann
Music by Jeff Thomson
Directed by Heather Chesley

The Actors Co-op presents a Co-op Too! second stage production of the story of two old friends, Mike & Seth, reunited after ten years. Desperate to escape their hometown and the recent death of Seth's mother, the two boldly set out to fulfill a childhood promise: to hike the Appalachian Trail together from beginning to end. Painful memories matched with exhaustion, lack of food, and terrible weather will drastically challenge Seth and Mike's friendship along the way. But, just as it seems things cannot get worse, the two finally confront one another, demanding an account for what happened so many years ago. As the two learn to forgive and let go, from the ashes of a tumultuous past springs a bond of brotherhood that can never again be broken.