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Crescent City

Ghosts among the living. Hurricanes on the move. Revelers celebrating the end of the world. Join us for Crescent City, The Industry's highly anticipated inaugural production! And the voodoo priestess searching for one good soul.

The Industry, a new experimental musical theater company, brings together over 50 artists from every discipline to create and inhabit the mythical landscape of Crescent City. Anne LeBaron's raucous, electronica-infused hyperopera, featured twice in New York City Opera's VOX showcase of new American opera, springs to life in an industrial warehouse at Atwater Crossing.

Crescent City, a hyperopera

May 10 – 27
Atwater Crossing

Libretto by Douglas Kearney
Story by Anne LeBaron & Yuval Sharon
Directed by Yuval Sharon
Conducted by Marc Lowenstein

Review: Industry's remarkable 'Crescent City' reshapes L.A. opera. The fantastical layerings in Anne LeBaron's offbeat new opera 'Crescent City' at Atwater Crossing signal interesting things to come from Yuval Sharon's The Industry.

By Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Music Critic

May 11 2012, 2:35 PM PDT

At the world premiere Thursday night of Anne LeBaron's darkly mysterious, troubling yet weirdly exuberant and wonderfully performed new opera "Crescent City," a young Reveler in the production frolicked a few feet from where I was sitting on a folding chair along the perimeter of the experimental art space, Atwater Crossing. She wore a skirt fashioned out of the Arts & Books section of this newspaper, and she was close enough that I could read a few crumpled lines.