Miracle In Philadelphia

Miracle In Philadelphia is a toe-tapping musical about the writing of the United States Constitution. Fifty-five delegates sing, dance and debate their way through that hot Philadelphia summer when our country was born. The musical dramatizes the two big issues facing the delegates – big states versus small states, and slave owners versus abolitionists. Miracle concludes with the ratification showdown in Virginia when Patrick Henry goes mano a mano with James Madison — and what emerges from that confrontation is the Bill of Rights.

Miracle In Philadelpia

June 21st 5pm and 8pm
The Kirk Douglas Theatre

Part of the Marquez Marathon of American History Musicals (See Carry On and Water and Power)

The Festival has featured the remarkable Marquez School American History Musicals every year and arranged for these kids to perform all over LA as well as at the NEW YORK MUSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (NYMF) in 2011.